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About BOPP Bags

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene and it is a specific material used in packaging. It is one of the most popular packaging materials because it’s so durable. A BOPP bag is a sack that is woven and laminated with the use of organic materials during the manufacturing process. Bina Udyog Pvt. Ltd. is a market specialist in manufacturing BOPP Bags. A BOPP bag has various layers in the bag and they are also known as Multi-layer bag. One of the layer of the bag is made from HDPE/PP woven fabric. Multi colored BOPP films are made through engraved cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology. It is then laminated with HDPE/PP woven fabrics.

BOPP is a popular label material made of plastic. It stands for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). Biaxially-oriented refers to the production process that stretches the film over two directions, making it stronger and more transparent and are recyclable.

It is non-reactive or inert to its olefinic (hydrocarbon) nature, which makes it suitable for safe use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. BOPP plastic is environmentally friendly even though it is not biodegradable. It is able to be reused and recycled. It can actually be recycled many times over while still maintaining its value.

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